About ecoLattice™ – Fine Creations Since 2006


        Good design requires craftsmanship. Founder, inventor and CEO Michael Lohnes of ecoLattice™ has more than 30 years of experience and is a custom craftsman by trade and owner of Fine Creations Works in Wood based in Monmouth County, NJ. Fine Creations has provided old world craftsmanship for over 12 years building custom cabinetry and millwork for homes throughout the tri state area. Michael maintains a stellar reputation as a high-end designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality custom wood products and millwork for homes throughout the Jersey Shore and beyond.


        So it was no surprise that Michael, developed ecoLattice™ his patent pending creation after he saw a need for a better decorative home solution. Once Hurricane Sandy  hit and rebuilding efforts were underway, Michael observed and noted that many of the homes  requiring  elevation  featured the use of “plastic” lattice panels to cover the pilings they were placed on. There were no real commercial options available other than what could be bought at the large box store– the crisscross lattice plastic panel.   “I couldn’t find anything, I looked everywhere. The area was getting inundated with plastic because it doesn’t rot…but you still have to paint it in order to not void the warranty which most homeowners and even contractors don’t realize. As a craftsman, to see more and more plastic appearing in my community was regretful. There had to be an alternative. My thought was with technology and my background in design and engineering, I could develop a better option, one sustainable and more functional,” says Michael.  And so ecoLattice™ was born.


        “I showed it to a few friends and they loved it. I began making sets for them. Then their neighbors requested. They not only loved the look but raved about how easily ecoLattice™ installed with no tools. The best part for me is that it’s 100% green, earth friendly. And it’s modular. All pieces fit together, all. It’s like Lego for adults. You can reconfigure it or add more pieces to it. It’s a privacy panel one day, a garden trellis the next, a wedding backdrop or as it originally started - a great alternative to a newly elevated home due to hurricane damage. The possibilities are just endless. I am inspired to create new compositions and ideas everyday. I love it, “says Michael.

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ecoLattice patented outdoor privacy wall panels

EcoLattice is the worlds first and only completely modular and eco-friendly lattice and privacy panel system on the market. EcoLattice can be used as fencing, railing, privacy screening or vertical gardening. You can also hide unsightly pool and mechanical equipment such as generators, AC condensers, heaters or pumps. EcoLattice as endless possibilities around your home and should be included in your next landscape design. Don’t hesitate call today to order your EcoLattice system and enjoy your yard for years to come.

Patented: US 10,577,826