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Introducing ecoLattice™

WHITE now on display in NJ locations; Wanna Windows/LBI and ToddPOD Outdoor Showers/Manahawkin;  and NATURAL at Barlow’s Flower Farm/Sea Girt, Rysers Landscape/Little Silver, Dykes Lumber/Matawan, and Water Brook Gardens/Sea Girt.  

ecoLattice™ is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Beautiful, functional and easy to assemble, eco-friendly modular lattice panels set up in minutes. No tools required. No maintenance. No unsightly, breakable plastic panels. Won’t rot, split or warp. Durable, weather resistant and super strong.

ecoLattice™ is patent pending. Made from natural materials used in other wood manufacturing products, ecoLattice™ has the look and durability of real wood.

Use in your garden, around your patio or pool, or anywhere you like to make a unique and beautiful focal point in your yard. ecoLattice™ can be used as a free-standing display or made into a permanent structure. Create spectacular garden settings, private outdoor areas, or even a wedding backdrop with ecoLattice™ panels and sets. The possibilities are limitless.


ecoLattice™ is simple to assemble and reassemble. You can add panels to create a new configuration for a new look or purpose. Each panel is engineered to secure to any other panel in the ecoLattice™  line so you can create your own custom ecoLattice™ display. Modular ecoLattice™ panels are unconventional, incredibly functional and visually stunning.


ecoLattice™ is made from an eco-friendly exterior rated material tested to be completely weather resistant. You can paint it your desired color and further extend the longevity of these panels.


You’ll also love ecoExtras accessories. With ecoExtras you can create endless designs and patterns by displaying decorative flowers, hanging plants and flower pots on your ecoLattice™ set.


Starting at $299.00

Create a charming garden setting with our beautiful ecoLattice™ Savannah set. Its elegant design allows you to showcase a favorite garden area, create a tranquil backyard retreat allowing a cascading wall of flowers to accent and so much more. The Savannah set features a welcoming, beautiful oval cut out design. Distinguish your outdoor decor by setting this ecoSet against your home with spectacular clematis or create an amazing alfresco dining area to enjoy your morning coffee. The possibilities are endless. Use multiple sets to create an outdoor courtyard oasis.  Discover its amazing versatility for use around your deck, porch or patio. Featuring large and striking details, this ornate ecoSet is designed to stand as a formal architectural complement to your home.

Whether you showcase a single spectacular plant or dozens of your favorite flowers on multiple tiers or choose no greenery at all, the ecoLattice™ Savannah set is dramatic and stunning in an outdoor venue.



Starting at $29

ecoExtras container and hanging gardening ideas are endless—so endless you can rearrange your creation or theme every season. You may not have space or patience to become a great gardener, but ecoLattice™ and ecoExtras make it easy.

From fall container gardening to a summer hanging garden, there’s an array of accessories to accommodate your vision. Easy to assemble ecoExtras and your garden ideas will inspire you to seasonally decorate your porch or patio. Enjoy nonstop color all season long with ecoExtras for your flowers and holiday decorating. You are limitless in the possibilities.


Easy to Assemble, Eco-Friendly, Freestanding Modular Lattice Panels Set-up in Minutes. No Tools Required

The Possibilites are Endless

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