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ecoLattice™ FAQ’s

We want our products and service to exceed your expectations. To help ensure this, please read the following information.

Q: Is it sturdy?

Each ecoLattice™  panel comes with two sturdy support legs. ecoLattice™ is strong and stable but should be properly secured so it cannot be pushed over. By using our proprietary Key-lock with ground stakes or landscape spikes from your local hardware store, you will add an additional stability. We highly recommend for safety.

Q: Wind resistant

ecoLattice™ should be properly secured with our Key-lock to the ground or surface to ensure safety.

Q: Child safe

ecoLattice™  strongly recommends properly securing product to the ground and should never be used inappropriately outside its use as a decorative structure. Not to be climbed on or played around by children. We here at ecoLattice™  want to ensure the safety of all our customers and their families as we are a family business ourselves.

Q: Components

1 ecoLattice™ panel is 1 half-panel with 2 half legs, 2 stakes, and 2  base circle shelves

1 ecoLattice™ panel set is 2 half panels with 2 long legs, 2 stakes, and 2  base circle shelves

Q: Does ecoLattice™ come with a warranty or guarantee?

We here at ecoLattice™ want your experience to be the very best it can be. If there is a problem with any of the products we offer, please email us directly so we can resolve the issue together and make your design the best on the block.

Q: Does it come in other colors?

ecoLattice™ comes in a rich earth-tone with the look of real wood. It will weather giving you a silvering effect like aged wood. Should you prefer, you can paint ecoLattice™ any desired color to complement your home or lifestyle. Use a high-quality oil-based primer and paint to give you the best results possible and a longer life to the product itself.

Q: Any maintenance?

ecoLattice™ is virtually maintenance free and requires no special treatment. Use water to remove surface dirt.