Savanna Set

Savanna Set


NOW comes in brown and white.


Create a charming garden setting with the incredibly beautiful ecoLattice™  Savannah set. Its elegant design allows you to showcase a favorite area, secret garden or create a backyard tranquil retreat with a cascading wall of flowers to accent…and so much more. The Savannah set features a beautiful oval cut out design, which is welcoming. Distinguish your outdoor décor by setting this ecoSet against your home with spectacular clematis or create an amazing alfresco dining area to enjoy your morning coffee. The possibilities are endless. Use multiple sets to create an outdoor courtyard oasis.  Discover its amazing versatility for use around your deck, porch, and patio or create an oasis retreat. Featuring large and striking detail, this ornate ecoSet is designed to stand as a formal architectural complement to your home.  


Whether you want to showcase a single spectacular plant or dozens of your favorite flowers on multiple tiers, or choose no flowers and plants, the ecoLattice™ Savannah set is dramatic and stunning in any outdoor venue.


Amazing accessories to add hanging flowers, shelving and flower pots allow you to create endless designs as well.



Includes: SKU: #ELSV-HALF-OV-T; Half Square Panel w/Oval Cut-out Top: # ELSV-HALF-OV-B: Half Square Panel w/Oval Cut-out Bottom:  # XEL-L-LEG Long Support (2):  # XEL-BASE-CIR-SF (2): XEL-BASE – LEG. Does not include hanging potholders shown – sold separately.



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