ecoLattice™ Charleston pool set


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You will absolutely love the Charleston pool set!  Your guests will love the Charleston! It’s a jaw-dropper. You won’t believe the incredible drama and attention it commands around your pool or hot tub area.  All the while fun and stylish. It adds height and color to your swimming area not to mention classic beauty. Adorn with cascading wisteria or decorate with ecoExtras. Hang your flower baskets or even towels with the ecoExtras small multi-hangers. Create a place for your sunscreen and bug spray with the ecoExtras single shelf.  Liven up the pool area and create a spa retreat with this must have ecoSet.

Create your dream backyard getaway. Place your Adirondack chairs, and firepit adjacent to the Charleston set and relax. No doubt all your guests will be sitting in this outdoor haven as soon as you set it up. Now relax and imagine yourself in your very own outdoor oasis today. You will be thrilled with the bold beauty the ecoLattice™ Charleston set provides and how easily your amazing outdoor entertainment area comes to life.

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5 in stock



Charleston Set Includes;

XELHALF-UP, Half Square upper (1)
XELHALF-LOW, Half Square Lower (5)
XEL-BASE-CIR-SF, Base Circle Shelf (5)
XEL-BASE–LEG, Base Support Leg (5)
XEL-WING-RIGHT, Side Wing Right (1)
XEL-WING-LEFT, Side Wing Left (1)
XEL-3QLEG, 3Quarter Support Leg (2)
XEL-LLEG, Long Leg Support (1)
XEL-HALF-LEG, Half Leg Support (2)
XEL-RAIL, Top Rail (2)

Approximate Size: 44″ x 42”Panels; 32″ x 82 ¾”  Legs


Amazing accessories to add hanging flowers, shelving and flower pots allow you to create endless designs as well.