ecoLattice™ York set


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Elevate your gardening experience with the ecoLattice York set. The beautiful open grid pattern looks like wood, provides the most privacy in the ecoLattice line and delivers an ecofriendly ideal backdrop. Imagine your York set flanked by climbing vines on one side and colorful blooms in the front to add color and charm. And if you desire, you can add more panels to the York set every year for a new purpose. Maybe you would like to relax in your private retreat or cover up your neighbor’s unsightly yard or desire maintenance free pool fencing. Use multiple sets in a row to cultivate drama in your yard or mount in a commanding series serving as an architectural feature or fence. The possibilities are endless.

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3 in stock



York Set Includes;


XEL-HALF-UP, Half Square Panel Upper (1)
XEL-HALF-LOW, Half Square Panel Lower
XEL-LLEG, Long Leg Support (2)
XEL-BASE-CIR-SF, Base Circle Shelf (2)
XEL-BASE–LEG, Base Support Leg (2)

Approximate Size: 44″ x 42”Panels; 32″ x 82  3/4″  Legs


Add amazing accessories to add hanging flowers, shelving and flowerpots allow you to create endless designs as well.