ecoLattice™ Davenport set


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Nicely done! That’s what you’ll say to yourself once you set up this amazing ecoSet in your backyard.  Modern, elegant, commands attention immediately, the Davenport ecoSet is stunning and, even better, so incredibly easy to assemble. The Davenport is a beautiful focal point in any outdoor space. The Davenport elevates a pool setting acting as its striking centerpiece. Or that empty outdoor space is magically transformed into a functional space to sit with friends. Adorn the Davenport with a hanging basket in the center with cascading vines or decorate with our many ecoExtras.  The ecoLatticeDavenport set will bring beauty and value to your home immediately.

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9 in stock



Davenport Set Includes:


XEL-HALF-LOW,Half Square Panel Low (5)
XEL-LLEG, Long Support Leg (2)
XEL-3QLEG, 3 Quarter Support Leg (2)
XEL-WING-LEFT, Side Wing Left (1)
XEL-WING-RIGHT, Side Wing Right (1)
XEL-BASE-CIR-SF, Base Circle Shelf (6)
XEL-BASE–LEG, Base Support Leg (6)
ELPRINCE-CIR-T, Large Circle Panel Top (1)
XEL-HALF-LEG, Half Support Leg (2)
XEL-RAIL, Top Rail (2)

Approximate Size: 44″ x 42” Panels; 32″ x82 ¾” Legs


Amazing accessories to add hanging flowers, shelving and flowerpots allow you to create endless designs as well.