ecoLattice™ Princeton set


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The Princeton set is brilliant. A maverick of the ecoSets. It manifests a unique charisma that is both modern and classic. It boasts three full panels featuring the scalloped side wings and a stunning focal point for a showcase hanging plant or cascading blooms.  Adorn with flowing clematis or wisteria or decorate with ecoExtras and add your favorite plants to the mix. Sometimes you just want to sit in peace, perhaps to read a book or enjoy your morning coffee. Create a place of tranquility and serene beauty immediately with the ecoLattice™ Princeton set which provides a perfect secluded and inviting outdoor space to escape.   Improve privacy and add elegant decoration with ecoExtras you can tailor to fit your area. The base flowerpot circles with your container gardens will soften the area making it even more inviting. Make your outdoor space more private and gorgeous with the ecoLattice™ Princeton set.

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10 in stock



Princeton Set Includes;

XEL-HALF-LOW- Half Square Panel Lower (2)
XEL-HALF-UP- Half Square Panel Upper (1)
XEL-3QLEG,3 Quarter Leg Support (2)
XEL- HALF-LEG, Half Leg Support (2)
XEL-WING-RIGHT – Side Wing Right (1)
XEL-WING-LEFT – Side Wing Left(1)
XEL-BASE-CIR-SF, Base Circle Shelf (4)
XEL-BASE–LEG, Base Support Leg (4)
XEL-LCIR-TOP, Large Circle Panel (1)
XEL-SM-CIR, Small Hanging Circle (1)

Approximate Size: 44″ x 42”Panels; 5 ¾” ” x 861/4”Legs