ecoLattice™ can also be purchased as individual panels for the DIY-er who wants to create a permanent fence, railing or structure. ecoLattice™ can be cut, drilled, or customized for any number of applications. Check out our How To Videos on YouTube to learn how to make your home the talk of the town using our ecoLattice™ products. Available in different configurations, sizes, shapes and designs. ecoLattice™ panels are a simple and cost effective way to add style  to your outdoor décor.

Optional but attractive ecoLattice™ side wings also offer additional style and privacy for your garden, patio, or spa retreat.  Use multiple ecoLattice™ panels to create a fence, attractive pet area, corner garden area, privacy panel to cover unsightly pool equipment garbage cans, or your air conditioning unit, and so much more.  ecoLattice™  also provides decorative deck skirting that doesn’t crack and is durable in any season, in any climate. The possibilities are limitless, the functionality unbeatable and the beauty is evident with or without flower displays.